[isf-wifidog] Login issues

Genevieve Bastien gbastien at versatic.net
Mar 6 Juil 17:13:46 EDT 2010

Hi Peter,

You will not be authenticated to the router if you enter the IP 
manually, unless you know the full request the router usually sends to 
the auth server.  There is a protocol to respect that starts with the 
first request and once logged in, it redirects to the router who checks 
if the connection token is valid and then redirects the browser to the 
portal page.  So entering the IP will simply log you to the php 
application that is the auth server, but not to the router itself.

That said, the problems you describe are really weird.  The router has 
no notion of locale or time, so it shouldn't impact its hability to 
redirect... Try running wifidog on the router with wifidog -f -d 7 and 
see if the request is captured, that may tell you more information as well.

What do you mean by 'No automatic portal displayed'.  Like if you enter 
www.google.com, you reach www.google.com?  Or the white page of death?  
Have you checked apache logs for any information?


On 10-07-05 07:08 PM, Peter wrote:
> We are running Wifidog but we regularly see issues. Let me describe 2 
> that happened within the last week.
> 1) User with Turkish language locale. No automatic portal displayed. I 
> manually entered the login IP and it appears. I logged him in, and it 
> says he's logged in ok. BUT he cannot get to any other pages (Internet)
> 2) Another user today, but English settings. Australian user, clock 
> set to Australian time zone (not our TZ), but clock is correct based 
> on his time zone. Same behaviour as #1...
> Any ideas? How to debug such situations?
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