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The dog_cookie file is only used for installation.

It won't help you for Postgres login etc.

Do you remember if you're using LocalAuth or something else?
Do you know what you changed in the Authentication parameters?

Do you only have a single network defined in WiFiDog Auth Server?
(If you have a second network setup, you might be able to login to it using
the old admin credentials.)

Do you know a working postgresql user?
If so, you can probably install PGAdminIII on the ubuntu console,
connect to the WifiDog DB - and edit the network table. This will
allow you replace the authentication type and the parameters field to
working values.

See: http://www.pgadmin.org/

I'd guess there's a package for Ubuntu so you don't have to compile
it yourself.

Hope that's of some help. I'm not around too much via email, but i'll
do my best to help as I can.

> Hi,

> I messed up my wifidog installation by putting in a wrong value in the
> Authentication parameters field. I cannot get in anymore. My 
> understanding is that I will need to edit the database directly to fix
> this issue - but HOW? I found a post stating "or you can use PGADMIN to
> edit the database" but people sometimes forget that noobs don't know how
> to do that :-)

> I have PGADMIN running on my Ubuntu server. I cannot connect to the 
> Wifidog Database - it complains about ident authentication and I should
> edit the PG_HBA.conf file. I can't get to that file because permission
> is denied.

> I am dabbling in the dark though and just guessing things. The username
> I use for the wifidog database is wifidog, and the password what is 
> stored in tmp/cookie.txt. Is this correct?

> Help would really be appreciated - my 4 hotspots are down now.......

> Thanks

> Theo
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