[isf-wifidog] Editing Database

Theo Treffers theo at africanaxess.co.za
Lun 29 Juin 04:39:53 EDT 2009


I messed up my wifidog installation by putting in a wrong value in the 
Authentication parameters field. I cannot get in anymore. My 
understanding is that I will need to edit the database directly to fix 
this issue - but HOW? I found a post stating "or you can use PGADMIN to 
edit the database" but people sometimes forget that noobs don't know how 
to do that :-)

I have PGADMIN running on my Ubuntu server. I cannot connect to the 
Wifidog Database - it complains about ident authentication and I should 
edit the PG_HBA.conf file. I can't get to that file because permission 
is denied.

I am dabbling in the dark though and just guessing things. The username 
I use for the wifidog database is wifidog, and the password what is 
stored in tmp/cookie.txt. Is this correct?

Help would really be appreciated - my 4 hotspots are down now.......



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