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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Ven 3 Mar 15:04:32 EST 2006

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Hi Patrick,

The content distribution system hasn't been designed to allow such  
"direct" programming code to be inserted into the database (for  
example due to security reasons).

Of course it can be done. But right now no content type/plugin  
supports it.

What you could do is to duplicate the TrivialLangString content  
plugin and overwrite the processAdminUI() function of it's parent  
class LangString.

Basically you just need to duplicate the processAdminUI() function  
and remove the code that strips "dangerous" HTML tags.

This will solve your needs for the JavaScript part.

The PHP part won't be as easy as this, as you'd need to eval() PHP code.

Anyway ... for me it doesn't make any sense to have a PHP (and/or  
JavaScript) processing content plugin.

If I'd be you I'd develop this on another page and use the IFrame  
content plugin ...

Cheers, Max!

Patrick Dinnen wrote:

> Hi
> I'm trying to figure out the best way to create a captive portal  
> element that is made up of chunk of javascript and/or PHP.
> I've tried LangString, but the tags get stripped out. It doesn't  
> look like Embedded Content or File content types are what I need  
> either.
> I've read the documentation I found (http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/ 
> ContentDistributionSystem).
> Right now I'm trying to embed the Javascript at the bottom of this  
> mail into the portal, but I'm also interested in making this work  
> for embedding PHP. Any hints on how to get this done within WiFi  
> Dog? It looks like I can go down the IFrame route, but I'm hoping  
> there's something more obvious.
> Example JavaScript for embedding:
> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://app.feeddigest.com/ 
> digest3/HRXPZN68IZ.js"><noscript><a href="http://app.feeddigest.com/ 
> digest3/HRXPZN68IZ.html">Click for &quot;WT > for sale >  
> kijiji&quot;.</a> By <a href="http://www.feeddigest.com/">Feed  
> Digest</a></noscript></script>
> Thanks, Patrick
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