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Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Lun 11 Déc 14:12:32 EST 2006

On Monday 11 December 2006 10:31, chip at innovates.com wrote:
> You make too many assumptions about what I will do if I start using
> WifiDog.  As part of the contract I'm working on I will have to make at
> minimum the following additions to WifiDog:
> 1. An operating schedule for each node, to close access and display a
> closed access point message for those that attempt to connect.
> 2. Per user and per node bandwidth control.
> All of which work I would definitely resubmit to the project.  It
> appears both of these features are on other people's radar also, but
> haven't made it to existing developer's priority yet.  But maybe they
> have and the documentation and ticket system hasn't been updated yet
> either.

While obvoiusly not everything anyone is planning to work on is in the ticket 
system, it is generally up to date, accurate and well maintained.

> Letting the feature lists and documentation fall behind, doesn't do
> anyone any good.  It only makes potential new comers either look else
> where, because the project looks less mature than it really is, or
> generates questions on mailing list like this message that everyone gets
> tired of answering.

Oh, you'll get no arguments from me there, I've been the one pushing the 
hardest for better docs, and writing a lot of it.  But I've been focussing on 
docs that I'm currently the only one capable of writing.  I've been hoping 
other people will sink their teeths in the feature list, which is easier and 
simple for multiple people to work on, but so far this hasn't happened yet.  

> I am a potential new user and contributor of the project, but don't see
> much value in setting up every hotspot project I can find just evaluate
> which one I really want to sink my teeth into.  

I think that's a mistake, before spending weeks/month of full time work 
modifying one, you should spend at least a day on each one.  There's only a 
handfull of captive portal projects.

> If you haven't noticed 
> from this posting, I'm a real believer in updating documentation when
> code gets updated especially when I contribute to a project.

Well, we'll be very happy to have you should you chose wifidog.

Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.
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