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Pascal Charest pascal.charest at gmail.com
Lun 11 Déc 18:55:51 EST 2006

Here is some screenshot of the auth-server on multiple step of the
administration process. The screenshot aren't currently hosted on the
wifidog dev-wiki but i'd be pleased to put them somewhere if asked.

Authentification Server: Before Login
First page from the portal: the login page.

Authentification Server: After Login
When logged. If you are using the system "normaly" you should have a
customized portal page. Since i've connected directly to the auth-server,
i'm having general options

Authentification Server:
If you click on "administration", from the previous screen shot.
Administration options are on the left.

Authentification Server: Node
First item from the node management administration option. You get a list
off all the node in your network, you can edit/create new one from here.

Authentification Server: Node
An "edit" command from the node list will bring you to that screen [careful,
big image] - you write down node-specific informations here. The geo data is
used to place the dot on the google map.

Authentification Server: Network management
This is the network management screen... everything is pretty clear.

 For "true" definition of each screen/menu you should check in the
documentation. I'm only writing doc for my own install.

Pascal Ch.

Pascal Charest, OpenSource Consultant.

On 12/11/06, Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> wrote:
> On Monday 11 December 2006 10:31, chip at innovates.com wrote:
> > You make too many assumptions about what I will do if I start using
> > WifiDog.  As part of the contract I'm working on I will have to make at
> > minimum the following additions to WifiDog:
> >
> > 1. An operating schedule for each node, to close access and display a
> > closed access point message for those that attempt to connect.
> >
> > 2. Per user and per node bandwidth control.
> >
> > All of which work I would definitely resubmit to the project.  It
> > appears both of these features are on other people's radar also, but
> > haven't made it to existing developer's priority yet.  But maybe they
> > have and the documentation and ticket system hasn't been updated yet
> > either.
> While obvoiusly not everything anyone is planning to work on is in the
> ticket
> system, it is generally up to date, accurate and well maintained.
> > Letting the feature lists and documentation fall behind, doesn't do
> > anyone any good.  It only makes potential new comers either look else
> > where, because the project looks less mature than it really is, or
> > generates questions on mailing list like this message that everyone gets
> > tired of answering.
> Oh, you'll get no arguments from me there, I've been the one pushing the
> hardest for better docs, and writing a lot of it.  But I've been focussing
> on
> docs that I'm currently the only one capable of writing.  I've been hoping
> other people will sink their teeths in the feature list, which is easier
> and
> simple for multiple people to work on, but so far this hasn't happened
> yet.
> > I am a potential new user and contributor of the project, but don't see
> > much value in setting up every hotspot project I can find just evaluate
> > which one I really want to sink my teeth into.
> I think that's a mistake, before spending weeks/month of full time work
> modifying one, you should spend at least a day on each one.  There's only
> a
> handfull of captive portal projects.
> > If you haven't noticed
> > from this posting, I'm a real believer in updating documentation when
> > code gets updated especially when I contribute to a project.
> Well, we'll be very happy to have you should you chose wifidog.
> --
> Benoit Grégoire
> Technologies Coeus inc.
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Pascal Charest, OpenSource Consultant.
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