[isf-wifidog] my day at wsfii

Max Horváth max.horvath at freenet.de
Mar 27 Sep 05:25:36 EDT 2005

Hi Jo,

It's nice to hear first details from WSFII London.

I'm happy to join you wednesday evening. Have a lot of fun keep us  

Cheers, Max!

Am 26.09.2005 um 23:19 schrieb Jo Walsh:

> There is a pleasant gathering of people here in Limehouse Town Hall.
> The hard core of the book sprint group are here, as are the Wsfii.2006
> organisers. Everyone's been clustered in the Map Room; tomorrow i
> think we're going to clean up the hall and make a couple of loose
> workspaces in there and make the Map Room more of a socialising space.
> It all seems quite productive i am certainly having and hearing
> interesting conversations. i have been hiding most of today debugging
> the portal interface to the nodel information system thing. i played
> with extending little bits of the model, it has a mud-like feeling
> almost. But then i am getting carried away in the compulsion to
> describe everything, because i can...
> http://map.nodel.org/session/Wsfii_Open_Geodata_workshop
> you can attach things in the model to a wireless node via its MAC
> address, the interface works with wifidog, and in theory with
> nocatsplash, and i would like to make chillispot(?) support.
> I had a good experience setting up the wrt - sven-ola made us a nice
> custom image of the latest freifunk firmware -
> Also wifidog now has a patch to send a MAC address as default
> GatewayId if not set, which is nice. I couldnt see a recent ipkg
> release but we have one that's set to connect to the old
> wirelesslondon portal service which is now getting a bit decrepit
> but you can replace map.wirelesslondon.info with map.nodel.org and it
> would work a bit better. (when i fix it)
> http://kforge.net/frs/download.php/10/wifidog_1.1.1_mipsel.ipk
> A consortment of people from ilesansfil.org is coming soon (tomorrow?)
> and the freifunk developers later in the week. We also have chris
> holmes of the geoserver project and a new Free Map System which
> Schuyler is setting up to publically spec and bootstrap various free
> mapping aplication projects on.
> that was my day...
> -jo
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