[isf-wifidog] my day at wsfii

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Lun 26 Sep 17:19:32 EDT 2005

There is a pleasant gathering of people here in Limehouse Town Hall. 
The hard core of the book sprint group are here, as are the Wsfii.2006
organisers. Everyone's been clustered in the Map Room; tomorrow i
think we're going to clean up the hall and make a couple of loose
workspaces in there and make the Map Room more of a socialising space.

It all seems quite productive i am certainly having and hearing
interesting conversations. i have been hiding most of today debugging
the portal interface to the nodel information system thing. i played
with extending little bits of the model, it has a mud-like feeling
almost. But then i am getting carried away in the compulsion to
describe everything, because i can...

you can attach things in the model to a wireless node via its MAC
address, the interface works with wifidog, and in theory with
nocatsplash, and i would like to make chillispot(?) support.

I had a good experience setting up the wrt - sven-ola made us a nice
custom image of the latest freifunk firmware -

Also wifidog now has a patch to send a MAC address as default
GatewayId if not set, which is nice. I couldnt see a recent ipkg
release but we have one that's set to connect to the old
wirelesslondon portal service which is now getting a bit decrepit
but you can replace map.wirelesslondon.info with map.nodel.org and it
would work a bit better. (when i fix it)

A consortment of people from ilesansfil.org is coming soon (tomorrow?)
and the freifunk developers later in the week. We also have chris
holmes of the geoserver project and a new Free Map System which
Schuyler is setting up to publically spec and bootstrap various free
mapping aplication projects on.

that was my day...


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