[isf-wifidog] New features: HTMLeditor and Cache

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Jeu 8 Déc 11:44:19 EST 2005

Hello folks,

First of all, sorry for not releasing this any earlier, but I had to  
do some things in private life. But now it's done and I'm back on  
track for WiFiDOG.

I just commited two new features to the CVS. The main developers  
should be able to get those changes now. Everyone else, who's using  
the anonymous CVS access should be able to get those changes during  
the next hours.

Those two new features are:
- HTMLeditor
- Cache

HTMLeditor uses the open source library FCKeditor[1]. It is an  
lightweight HTML text editor that brings to the web many of the  
powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word. You can use  
HTMLeditor as a content type. This should ease the input of new  
content for many of us.

Cache is a class, which uses PEAR::Cache_Lite[2]. If you installed  
PEAR::Cache_Lite on your server and enabled the switch USE_CACHE_LITE  
in config.php, it'll cache the output of HTMLeditor content. This  
will save traffic to the database server. I plan to extend the use of  
the cache class to all content types. In the end this would save a  
lot of load on the database server.

So, what do you have to do, to use HTMLeditor?
First you have to install FCKeditor into the /lib/FCKeditor folder.  
Now it's done - go ahead and use it.

What do you have to do to use caching?
First you have to install PEAR::Cache_Lite. Consult the PEAR manual,  
if you're unsure how to do that. Next you have to enable caching in  
config.php. If you're using local.config.php don't forget to include  
the new switch to this file. Please make sure, that the new  
directory /tmp/cache is writeable for your webserver!


HTMLeditor is not a complete integration for now. It's fully  
functional, but we have to improve it.

First I'd like to see a WiFiDOG skin, so the HTML text editor would  
fit into the WiFiDOG layout. This is work that could be done by a few  
volunteers over at ISF.

Next you'll notice the green background of the text editor. This is  
due to HTMLeditor using WiFiDOGs CSS file. Green has been defined as  
the background color. Well, we should find a workaround for this.  
Next you'll notice that I only included one example for the CSS  
styles available to the editors. Well, this is, because I wanted ISFs  
CSS designer to decide, which CSS styles should be available to the  

Please add those CSS styles to /templates/FCKeditor/css/en.xml.

Also I only included the german translation of the templates and CSS  
styles for HTMLeditor. The fr.xml you will find in /templates/ 
FCKeditor/templates and /templates/FCKeditor/css is a copy of the  
en.xml. So those two files need to be translated into french.

Another question is, if we'd like to include more or other templates  
for HTMLeditor.


I hope you'll like those two new additions. I'd be very happy, if  
you'd be able to test them.

Please note, that I tested them as much as possible, but now we gotta  
test it in the wild. So take this code only as BETA quality.

So long,

[1] http://www.fckeditor.net
[2] http://pear.php.net/package/Cache_Lite/

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