[isf-wifidog] WiFi Dog auth server mirroring

Scott Tully scott.tully at gmail.com
Ven 19 Aou 18:26:08 EDT 2005

> >
> > You don't consider MySQL Cluster an option? Curious why.... works for me.
> From the doc:
> MySQL replication will not work correctly off if updates are done on multiple
> MySQL servers. However, if the database partitioning scheme done at the
> application level, and no transactions take place across these partitions,
> then replication can be made to work.
> The foreign key construct is ignored, just as it is in MyISAM tables.

I understand replication will not work because all the updates must
come from the master, leaving a single point of failure.  I was
refering to MySQL Cluster.


You do loose foreign key constaints with the NDBCLUSTER tables types.
But you don't need all the tables to be ndb.  Only tables that are
updated from the gateway need to be ndb, the rest can be innodb and
replicated to the SQL nodes from a master...  


Earlier this week, i lost my master server and one authserver...  two
authservers and the storage nodes stayed online. No data re-syncing or
updates were needed when the master and fallen authserver came back up a
half an hour later. It was like they never missed a beat...


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