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> Each of the WAPs though has 4 ethernet ports though... so we had the 
> idea to plug the WAN port of one of them into the LAN port of another.
1. We are running WRT54GL WAPs with OpenWRT installed. I have switched the ports in the config files so that the port marked "WAN" is in the LAN vlan and the 4 ports marked "LAN" act as a switch in the WAN vlan. This way the users can plug another computer (or printer or whatever) into any one of the 4 ports and it acts as a switch.

> Is there a way in the wifidog.conf that I can allow certain IPs to 
> bypass auth completely? So I could chain one of the units? The only 
> reason we have 3 units is we have 3 separate sector antennas (2 out
> door 
> directional, and one indoor)
2. In the wifidog.conf file there is a "TrustedMACList" variable which claims to be "Comma separated list of MAC addresses who are allowed to pass through without authentication" the only problem that I see with this that clients on the 2nd device will be double or triple NATed.

If you want more info on option #1, I can post my config files.

Aaron Z

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