[isf-wifidog] Always allow

Peter Peter at Peter.KN
Mar 14 Sep 14:53:26 EDT 2010

We have 3 WAPs that handle 3 different wifi dog systems, all connected 
to one auth server. They plug into another router. We have to move them 
to a new isolated network, and there are only 2 available ports, and the 
only way to expand that other network is to put in another 24 port 
switch, which seems overkill for one more.

Each of the WAPs though has 4 ethernet ports though... so we had the 
idea to plug the WAN port of one of them into the LAN port of another. 
This however would cause double auth issues, ie the first one would need 
to pass auth to let the second one work, and then the second one to auth 
the user...

Is there a way in the wifidog.conf that I can allow certain IPs to 
bypass auth completely? So I could chain one of the units? The only 
reason we have 3 units is we have 3 separate sector antennas (2 out door 
directional, and one indoor)

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