[isf-wifidog] Captive portal with tokens

Jimmy Godbout sip at inbox.com
Mer 24 Mar 08:15:17 EDT 2010

Hi Daniel,

I'd like to take a look at what you have done.



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> It seems you want something like a ticketing system. I built one for a
> cafe that I've been to lazy to open source. If you want to try to make
> use of it I can send it to you. Maybe one day write some documentation
> for it?
> 	On Mar 23, 2010, Peter <Peter at Peter.KN> wrote:  We want to display a
> captive portal that directs users to our location.
> When they come in we give them a voucher code or a premade user name and
> ID that lets them access internet for 24 hours or the current day.
> It appears that wifidog cannot do this, but we think we can make it do
> it with a few small additions.
> Has anyone done anything like this?
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