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I thought I would help you organize it a bit:

- I'd create a section for "Firmware" (or more specifically, Firmware
GUIs or "firmware configuration management"). Under this, you could put
OpenWrt/x-wrt, m0n0wall, Open-mesh (and OrangeMesh Dashboard), and even

- There are other Firmware distros, dd-wrt, sveasoft, and tomato are
pretty popular. 

- Some of the service providers have their own "custom firmware", but
your list could also note what they base the firmware on and if they
release their changes per GPL (a couple of them are hardly that "custom"
and often without proper GPL compliance - I saw a recent article that
claimed dd-wrt falls into that category even still). 

- A new release of CoovaAP on kamikaze is being planned and worked on.
Of course, it will include WiFiDog support just as before. 

- Chillifire (given the name) is probably using CoovaChilli/Chillispot.
They are a service provider, not unlike others on the list. 

- CoovaChilli is an Access Controller (or Gateway), and most of the
hotspot service providers mentioned use it.

- You might want a section for "Service providers" to include CoovaAAA
(which will become part of CoovaNET), CoovaOM, Sputnik, Worldspot.net,
WiFi-CPA, etc. You could further break them up by those with a free

- CoovaOM isn't specific to Mesh, but we are working with Open-mesh to
create an easy one-click setup and to improve on mesh related features
(like AP to AP roaming of authenticated users). 

- CoovaEWT is a Drupal module and a complete GUI framework. The next
release of CoovaAP will have a CoovaEWT based GUI (which means only
super light weight "web services" scripts are required on the router
while the GUI can be provided from a standalone application (like the
CoovaFX firefox plug-in)). EWT also provides the integration and GUI for
CoovaRADIUS when used with Drupal. Note: EWT probably isn't relevant for
your list. 

- The CoovaAAA with Facebook probably can just be part of CoovaAAA in

Best regards,

On Sat, 2009-05-02 at 00:22 -0400, Gabe Sawhney wrote:
> Mike and I put together this list of software/projects/technologies
> that are relevant for us to look at while we think about the future of
> WifiDog.  It's not an exhaustive list, but a place to start:
> http://bit.ly/WifiDogTNGRelevantTools
> I'm like to start testing some of these out, to get a sense of how
> they work, what features they have, how easy they are to use, etc.  If
> others have experience with any of these, please share!
> Gabe
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