[isf-wifidog] Few Question to clarify both servers.

dinesh nadeera dinesh_nadeera at yahoo.com
Mar 14 Juil 00:35:56 EDT 2009

1)Your first solution work

2)According to http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/gateway tutorial, before install wifidog those requirements must satisfy. but I'm not using router, i 'm using switch, is it good or bad need comments.
I did not set DNS server I used third party DNS server, is it good or bad need comments.

3). I set 10 minutes "ClientTimeout 10" in gateway->wifidog.conf file but if I log into auth server machine, that user(admin or normal user) never logout is it write or wrong.( If i set 10 minutes every user must logout after end of 10 minute whether he admin or not) Comments please..

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