[isf-wifidog] CSS and Login form modifications

Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Ven 3 Juil 15:55:38 EDT 2009

Hi Greg, no problem, although I haven't been as active as I would have
liked recently... but I suppose that comes with living out of a suitcase
and having to pay for internet in most hotels in the UK!

Anyway to the point :-)

All you really need to do, is take a look at
theme_packs read the readme file and have a look at most of the stuff in
the folder NetworkFusion.

I used a master CSS file pointing to smaller modules in the stylesheet
directory. The one relating to the layout of the signup code is in
theme_packs/NetworkFusion/stylesheets/loginform.css .

The main feature I added to make life easier for people to modify
layouts is the themeconfig.php (explained in the file "Theme Options")
which allows you to:

Inherit Base CSS        yes/no (stops errors caused by overriding the
base css)
 Always show Header      yes/no (good if you want a fixed layout like my
 Always show Footer      yes/no (   "   "  )
 Menu Position           main/all/left ( allows you to change how the
menu is handled in the layout (which <div> to use))

I do assume you know CSS, but to be honest, I only have the most basic
understanding and google as my friend!!!

If any of you do make a new network theme and it isn't too branded,
please do share and if it is good enough I will add it to the Trunk in
turn this may help others to make even better themes!

Also, Please don't hesitate to request features in order to make Network
themes even easier, I am sure I will get round to adding them at some


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I hate to take your time - but I'm trying to modify the login form -
and perhaps some others.

You evidently did some work making this possible via CSS and your
networkfusion css overlay.

However, I don't see any documentation on how one goes about this. In
the past, I simply hacked the login.tpl form - though I'm not sure
this is possible any more.

But clearly doing this via CSS is the "best" way around the problem.

Can you point me at docs, or give me a few quick pointers at
where/what to do?


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