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Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Sam 4 Avr 10:59:15 EDT 2009

At this point I would like to throw in my 2 cents.

First of all, in order to ramp up the development of V2, or even finish
V1, we need to get more people to:
a) send in more patches
b) aid more in the testing of what has been achieved.

Also, we need more people with development skills in the following
a) Graphic Design: I have worked hard to make the GUI more appealing and
easier to understand, but I am no graphic designer by any means. Also I
feel that I have received no feedback on the changes that have been
made, so I can't continue to improve what I have already done.
b) Scripting: If someone could script the setup of WiFiDog auth, so that
it makes sure all of the perquisites are installed, creates the
necessary folders if they don't exist, and invokes install.php, for as
many distributions as possible, I think that both the current community
and new members will be most grateful
c) More ideas and concept GUIs for easier navigation of the auth server,
I have always thought that there should be a tree view on the right-hand
side which drills down by Server > Networks > Venues > Nodes, with the
view being restricted by permissions.
d) Documentation Writers: All the information is there, it is just hard
to find what you need, this needs to be compiled and corrected, also
lots more developer documentation would make it easier for people to get

Second of all, I believe it is important that we get a forum setup. This
will make it a lot easier for people to ask for help, and also easier to
find answers, as all the information will be in one place. At the
moment, we have the mailing list, IRC and the Wiki, and for some reason
new users always seem to use the Bug Tracker, which has got to stop.

This brings me onto my third point, the website could really benefit if
it was independent from the Trac, Most open source software is like this
and it is more appealing to new users, easier to navigate and also may
encourage more people to get on board with the development.

Lastly, I understand that different people want different things from
the Auth Server, I for instance only really needed a portal and user
manager and the ability for logging activity. When 2.0 is thought about,
I believe we should become more modular and offer features like CMS
separately also, an auto updating feature would be amazing.

I can't offer any input on the WiFiDog Client Damon as I never have got
it to work properly, either in a development environment or a production
environment, but this is mainly because I haven't got the hardware


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Previously Jean-Philippe Menil wrote:
> Can someone explain to me, what are the difference between a
> Drupal or Pylon or the actual auth server infrastructure?
> It's something about performance, more friendly interface, easier 
> maintenance?

I needed a portal which was a lot simpler than the standard wifidog
portal and had a few special requirements. It was much easier for me to
write a small pylons app than modifying the wifidog PHP portal. In
addition my code is fully unit tested, which gives me more confidence
about its stability and security.


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