[isf-wifidog] Re : Re: WifiDog v2 development update?

Alexis Cornellier alexis.cornellier at gmail.com
Sam 4 Avr 09:27:03 EDT 2009

I can't speak for the entire Montreal community as i'm not a  
developper in ile sans fil. I'm in charge of operation (like Bruno  
does in Quebec). I think the people usually consider wifidog gateway  
and wifidog CMS as 2 different product. They've been develop in very  
different condition with different need. In montreal, we ear about  
changing the content management system for something like drupal or  
even wordpress (i've heard that drupal start when wordpress end).

Maybe using the wiki to brainstorm the new feature that we would like  
to see in V2.0 could be more interesting that talking about fork.


On 09-04-04, at 09:14, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously bruno.remy at videotron.ca wrote:
>>>>> See: http://drupal.org/project/Hotspot
>>>> I have a captive portal implementation based on Pylons running at
>>>> Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. If there's enough interest I can
>>> split out
>>>> the proprietary stuff and release that as well.
>>>> Wichert.
>>> +1
>>> I'm very interested by your implementation with Pylon.
>>> Is ther a wifigod daemon running too?
>>> -- 
>>> Menil Jean-Philippe
>> That's a good question, Jean-Philippe : What are we talking to,  
>> really?
>> Upgrade the Wifidog server from actual version to a brand-new one V  
>> 2.0?
>> Or switch from wifidog captive portal to another one (Drupal,  
>> Pylon, or whatever.....)?
> In my case I am running a (slightly modified) wifidog server with a
> custom portal. Being able to choose between different portals is very
> useful; I do not think it is possible to have a single portal
> implementation that suits everyone's needs and not have it end up  
> being
> overly complex and hard to use.
>> First, we are writing here into the "Wifidog mailling list", and
>> second, this topic is"WifiDog v2 development update".  This led to  
>> the
>> fundamental question : does everyone here wants to improve Wifidog,  
>> in
>> a way of keeping it, instead of scraping it and choose another  
>> product
>> existing in the market (OpenSource or not.... doesn't matter)?
> There is an important related question: do you consider the current
> wifidog and portal to be tied together and form a single product, or  
> do
> you consider them to be separate things and encourage development of
> other portals using the wifidog server?
> Wichert.
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