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Mar 13 Mai 17:54:52 EDT 2008


	Ok, well, thats not very helpful (Well, your MESSAGE
was helpful, but the fact its read only isn't...) It seems 
sorta weird to have to use some other application to add
them into Radius. It also seemed weird that once a user is
authenticated via Radius, it then creates a local copy of
the user :

$user = User::createUser(get_guid(), $username, $this->getNetwork(), "", "");

	Empty email and password yet. If you delete the user
locally afterwards, they'll just get back in as long as its
in Radius. Odd.

	Are there any plans to complete the radius features
from Authenticate only (it seems... ) to the full functionality
of adding them also? (Not directed at you unless you are a
developer, more a general question out to the list again).

> Radius is read-only.
> You'll have to find a way to get them into the Radius DB.
> I use a public WiFi setup, and thus I just use the "users" file in
> radius to setup public/common logins.
> I don't beleive that there are ANY mechanisms for WD to put data into
> Radius - it only authenticate against a radius server.
> Cheers,
> Greg
> > Hi,
> >         Thanks... Saw all that... Thats how to check an id/pass once its
> > IN Radius. I don't find any code where when a user decides to request
> > a new account, that it CREATES the user in Radius.
> >                 Thanks, Tuc
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