[isf-wifidog] Radius usage

wlan at mac.com wlan at mac.com
Mer 14 Mai 00:46:12 EDT 2008

Hi Tuc,

>  It seems
> sorta weird to have to use some other application to add
> them into Radius. It also seemed weird that once a user is
> authenticated via Radius, it then creates a local copy of
> the user :

WD wasn't built around RADIUS. It was fitted with RADIUS in the  
portal (not the gateway/NAC) much like you would integrate SSO - in  
that context, you do indeed usually create a local application user  
upon authentication.

> $user = User::createUser(get_guid(), $username, $this->getNetwork 
> (), "", "");
> 	Empty email and password yet. If you delete the user
> locally afterwards, they'll just get back in as long as its
> in Radius. Odd.

Just like in SSO...  In this case, RADIUS is NOT provisioning access  
as much as simply authenticating users.

> 	Are there any plans to complete the radius features
> from Authenticate only (it seems... ) to the full functionality
> of adding them also? (Not directed at you unless you are a
> developer, more a general question out to the list again).

WD uses RADIUS as a way to integrate with existing userbases that are  
RADIUS enabled. It is not a RADIUS management system, nor is it  
integrated with access provisioning. It does do more than  
"Authenticate only" in that it provides accounting. If you are  
looking for RADIUS provisioning of the access controller or a RADIUS  
management system, you are looking in the wrong place.


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