[isf-wifidog] Gateway Node logs "Auth server did NOT say pong" message every few seconds

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Mar 18 Mar 00:05:13 EDT 2008

Just a suggestion...

IMO, CentOS often doesn't have all the packages you'll need to get
everything working the easiest. (It's great for stuff like Samba and
such, but very often the packages are quite venerable...so WiFiDog is
a lot harder to get running IMO.)

I'd personally use something like Fedora Core - whatever distro is the
newest. Yum'ing required packages for FC is a lot more pleasant than
having to build your own. :)

(And I've had a lot of problems with DVD ISO's working properly, so
look for the CD-spins for FC. Perhaps the DVD ISO thing is just my
stupidity, but I've not figured out what's wrong yet. [FYI: Some files in
the burned DVD are simply bad, but the MD5 sum on the ISO itself is

I'm sure someone will have better suggestions, but I initially tried a
setup on CentOS and was really bogged down in getting all the needed
parts in place. FC was a lot easier to find everything I needed
already available via Yum.


Friday, March 14, 2008, 7:14:14 AM, you wrote:

> I'm a noob to wifidog, sorry if this is a stupid question but...


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