[isf-wifidog] Auth Server Installation - Database access configuration

Larry DiBona junkyml at verizon.net
Sam 6 Oct 23:53:24 EDT 2007


Sure looks like a port forwarding issue and possibly port 80 is blocked 
by your ISP because you are using a dynamic IP service on a home 
account.  Leave the localhost setting as is in the setup, doesn't matter 
if its localhost.  Test it on your LAN to make sure it works.  Turn off 
the firewall in Ubuntu, since you are behind a router-NAT anyway.  The 
ping I got is your router responding, not the server.  I got my setup to 
work using DYNDNS no problem, but my ISP blocks port 80.  Therefore, I 
set apache to work on port 85, port forwarded port 85 to the server, and 
found and changed the HTTPport setting on the gateway in wifidog.conf to 
be port 85. Don't forget to enter jeffnet.zapto.org in the 
wifidog.conf.  I also port forwarded 2060 to the server address.   After 
you change the port, test from another location outside of you LAN, by 
entering http://jeffnet.zapto.org:85 in your browser.  depending on 
where your Wifidog files are installed, you may need to try 
http://jeffnet.zapto.org:85/wifidog to see the login screen

Hope that helps

Jeff Schallenberg wrote:
> Like my friend Don Druce, I am trying to setup an authentication 
> server. I can reach the server from my LAN on a NATted private 
> address, <>. My public IP address is 
> currently <>, and I have a no-ip.com 
> <http://no-ip.com> URL of jeffnet.zapto.org 
> <http://jeffnet.zapto.org>. I can ping and tracert to that URL from my 
> LAN.
> The auth server is installed on an Ubuntu Server machine whose name is 
> "jeffserver".
> I get stuck in the install script, just as Don describes in Ticket 356:
> "I have created several Captive Auth Servers. Each an every time, I 
> have problems in understanding and configuring the Host setting when I 
> get to the Database access configuration screen. in the installation 
> process <http://your-domain.com/install.php>
> The default is "localhost" I have tried changing it, and I can not get 
> to the Database connection screen unless I leave the default 
> "localhost" in the Host box."
> Benoit closed the ticket, saying:
> "None of those are bugs. Providing a hostname that does not resolve 
> anywhere will not work, and there is nothing we can do about it. Same 
> with a user that fails authentication for any reason. In both case the 
> underlying problem (which we cannot detect) must be fixed."
> So, how do I get my auth server online? Is this a problem with port 
> forwarding on my LAN router? Or is it a problem with the wifidog 
> configuration file?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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> - Jeff
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