[isf-wifidog] Auth Server Installation - Database access configuration

Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Sam 6 Oct 16:12:33 EDT 2007

Like my friend Don Druce, I am trying to setup an authentication server. I
can reach the server from my LAN on a NATted private address,
My public IP address is currently, and I have a no-ip.com URL
of jeffnet.zapto.org. I can ping and tracert to that URL from my LAN.

The auth server is installed on an Ubuntu Server machine whose name is

I get stuck in the install script, just as Don describes in Ticket 356:

"I have created several Captive Auth Servers. Each an every time, I have
problems in understanding and configuring the Host setting when I get to the
Database access configuration screen. in the installation process

 The default is "localhost" I have tried changing it, and I can not get to
the Database connection screen unless I leave the default "localhost" in the
Host box."
Benoit closed the ticket, saying:

"None of those are bugs. Providing a hostname that does not resolve anywhere
will not work, and there is nothing we can do about it. Same with a user
that fails authentication for any reason. In both case the underlying
problem (which we cannot detect) must be fixed."

So, how do I get my auth server online? Is this a problem with port
forwarding on my LAN router? Or is it a problem with the wifidog
configuration file?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
- Jeff
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