[isf-wifidog] Install Script

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Lun 5 Nov 14:32:39 EST 2007

On 4 November 2007, you wrote:
> Hi Bernoit, I have also sent this to the list but is awaiting modorator
> approval as the patch is quite big...
> OK, Here it is, Version 2.1 of my install script... I hope you like the
> changes I have made (feedback welcome) and want to integrate it into the
> Trunk... It still needs some more work to bring it up to scratch, but I
> feel in this state it will help newcomers greatly!!!

All right, I committed the vast majority of your changes unmodified.  Great 

There is one modification I made, and one comment:
-I made sure that it is NOT possible to create an administrator where there 
are any already.  Otherwise, any user who get's access to /tmp could create 
himself a superuser and cause irreparable to the database.

-You added javascript validation of the password.  You should really do so 
using the same JavaScript as the rest of the code.  We have these 
restrictions defined in two places already (code and Javascript)  We really 
don't need three, and ideally we should reduce it to one.  I still commited 
the change so you can work from trunk, but this should be fixed.

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