[isf-wifidog] Wifidog keeps redirecting for auth for clients already "auth'd"

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Mar 15 Mai 18:58:52 EDT 2007

I thought I was all ready to roll out WD, but oops...I've still got a
few problems.

WifiDog Auth Server on FC6
Rev: 1225

Wifidog Gateway on a WRT-54GL (OpenWRT, actually WebIF^2)
1.1.3-beta 6

Using Radius on the Auth Server

Here's what's happening.
The user gets redirected to the auth portal.
The user logs in successfully. (Gets the "logged in" portal page.)
Then the user attempts to go to another website, and gets the Auth
page again.

A log of the GW (WRT54GL) show the user entering an auth state of 1
(authenticated) after login.

Attempting to auth again gives a "denied error"
(Which I think is expected, since the same user is trying to login
again with the same MAC addr...)

I'd seen something like this - related to timezone problems on the
Auth box. TZ *is* set in Postgres. (Though in the prior problem it
would auth, and then de-auth the user, which isn't happening here...)

It just keeps thinking it needs to auth the user again.

Everything seems to work fine until Wifidog is introduced. DNS etc all
flow fine.

I'm posting logs in three parts.

Part 1 - Wifidog initialization (bring up wifidog -f -d8)

Part 2 - Open browser on client and go to a web-page - enter
authentication - get auth'd

Part 3 - after successful auth - attempt to go to a regular web-page -
and get redirected for auth again.

To keep the post size down (moderation at 40K), I've decided to drop
part 1, and just post part 2 and 3 in a follow-up post.


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