[isf-wifidog] Gateway not noticing logouts.

Christian Svensson blue at cmd.nu
Mer 27 Juin 07:53:25 EDT 2007


My hacking continues. Now I've encountered a problem which is quite irritating:
Why isn't the gateway informed by the auth server when a user logs
out? Instead it seems to rely on timeouts (!?).

This creates two issues for me:
1. I can't logout, then login on another account directly after but
have to wait a couple of minutes.
2. When I log out, internet access is still allowed until timeout.

Is this really how it's supposed to be, or did I break something?
Both issues could be resolved by letting the gateway know when the
user logs out, so it can clear the entity and thus store the correct
NEW token instead of the OLD one (1), and it could simply call the
same functions as the timeout ones (2).

To me it's a bit ridiculous, that's why I'm afraid that I might have
broken something since I've done a fair amount of changes. Can anybody
else confirm these problems? Would be a waste of time to fix a phantom


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