[isf-wifidog] WiFiDog Gateway configuration

Raul Lapaz raul.lapaz at multipistas.com
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There is not any problema with running both on the same machine. In
wifidog.conf you only need to configure the auth server parameters:

Example for both in local host:

Ath server = localhost
Ssl = no (or yes, up to you)
Path = /
For the path to work, you need to configure apache in the documentroot
option = /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog
Delete the rewrite rule that redirects. Line 17 I guess. Just put a #

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Hello all!

I'm a new user of WiFiDog and I want to setup up some AP's with it's 
authentication portal to grant user specific access to our local 
network, which connects to the Internet.

What I've done so far was to install WiFiDog Auth on a standalone 
machine and it works fine. Then I installed the gateway in the same 
machine (can it work like this?), but I don't know how to configure 
wifidog.conf there. Is there any tutorial or other kind of doc related 
to do this?

I'm doing this way because the AP's we have are not WRT compatible, they 
are Enterasys Roamabout R2. But I guess that is possible to use 
Auth/Gateway on that machine and then manage all of them with WiFiDog. 
Am I right? If not, witch alternatives do I have?

I will appreciate any help!
André Ribeiro
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