[isf-wifidog] Project that needs a token architecture...help

Jesse Lloyd ve7lyd at gmail.com
Mer 8 Aou 01:49:43 EDT 2007

I've been talking to the guys on irc about my project here.  What I
want to do is make a token architecture with wifidog.  I want to have
a system where the user gets stuck in the captive portal.  He buys an
amount of time (1 hr, day or week) and the portal lets him through for
that amount of time.  I'm going to use paypal buttons for billing.
They simply return you to 1 of 2 URLs, one is a credit card denied and
the other is for a successful transaction.

What I need now is some direction on how to change auth server into a
token architecture.  I've got wifidog working well with the stock
settings... what do I do now?

Any help would be great,


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