[isf-wifidog] correction -ticket/248

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Ven 15 Sep 22:36:52 EDT 2006


Pushed send too quickly.  I meant to send it with "normal" priority
and it should be assigned to Auth server - content, not Auth server:

Also,  I'm not sure how priority is decided and what difference it
actually makes, but I wanted to recommend that
http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/243 gets up to "normal" priority.

"Content types should be displayed with meaningful names instead of
their class names."

If I understand that request properly then it, along with the
request/comment I added underneath it are necessary features to have
the content features be usable and therefore shouldn't be low
priority.  But maybe priority is assigned by release goals and content
might not be important for this upcoming release.  Let me know if I

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