[isf-wifidog] paid work on wifidog content managment + admin interface

Max Horváth max.horvath at freenet.de
Sam 16 Sep 09:05:36 EDT 2006

As Benoit is in Berlin right now, I'll be talking to him this  
afternoon ...

Then I'll get back to you and Francois ...

Cheers, Max

Michael Lenczner wrote:

> Hello,
> I've talked to Benoit and Francois about this.  ISF wants more
> development done regarding the content-side of ISF.  Right now there
> isn't an account with the appropriate permissions that we  could give
> to our content partners (venue or network wide).  The interface is
> unintelligible to regular people, and we can't assign content to
> groups (only to either nodes one by one or the entire network).  The
> easiest one of these would probably be to work on the interface.
> Benoit and Francois are capable of doing this work but they're busy
> and we would love to attract some exisiting coders already interested
> in the project to actually working on the content side of things.  I
> have small amounts of cash available from a grant I wrote from Canada
> Council for the Arts, so if you're interested in this stuff and are
> looking for a small contract to make it a priority, please let me know
> and we will discuss what + how with Benoit and Francois.  (fyi:
> francois is in charge of R+D for ISF).
> thanks - and sorry if I already posted something to this effect. I
> know was going to but I think I waited.
> mike
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