[isf-wifidog] wifidog .ipk for OpenWRT Whiterussian RC5

Kenneth Craft kenny at craftbros.com
Mer 13 Sep 09:25:03 EDT 2006

I believe for Wifidog on RC5, I used ipkg install wifidog.... I'll double check when i get home... I know I google'd it and got instructions from a different site other than wifidog's wiki.

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  though I think I'm experienced enough to cross-compile OpenWRT, I think
  it's total overkill for the averag Wifidog user to do so.

  Would you mind providing pre-compiled binaries for Whiterussian RC5 at

  http://www.ilesansfil.org/dist/wifidog/bin/openwrt/ ?

  For the future, what about including the Wifidog gateway directly in
  OpenWRT? Have you talked to the OpenWRT folks about this?


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