[isf-wifidog] Progress report on recent WifiDog work

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Lun 22 Mai 06:49:08 EDT 2006

During the weekend Benoit and I have been working steadily to put the  
latest SVN build of WifiDog in production on Ile Sans Fil's server.  
I've been working day and night since saturday evening to fix various  
issues, bugs and make improvements to the UI. It has been extensively  
tested on Firefox 1.5, Safari 2.0.3 and IE 6.

This mostly completes the major works at the core of the templating /  
theming system. So now we have a fully working and very cleverly  
designed system for managing the look of WifiDog. Each group can  
create its own "Theme pack" and override some, or all layout, styling  
simply by using CSS. The new refreshed, Web 2.0-compliant look is now  
for everyone to see. All the code related to the UI / look and feel  
is much more easily maintainable now. The Content management system  
is now more powerful than ever before and should suit needs for all  
groups using WifiDog, simply by playing with their own network- 
specific CSS theme pack.

You can have a look at the refined look (most of which is work from  
Patrick Tanguay)

Login page for Pizzédelic

Portal page for Laika

Map of the Ile Sans Fil network

Ile Sans Fil ninjas (operation people), will love the improvements  
made to the administration menus. Big thanks to Lokkju for his work  
on the "search as you type" feature in the nodes administration list  

We hope to come up with the user profiles in the next few weeks, at  
least the first part (avatars, basic user description fields....).

See ya
François Proulx

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