[isf-wifidog] Re: [isf-vol] Progress report on recent WifiDog work

Mina Naguib mina at naguib.ca
Lun 22 Mai 08:12:26 EDT 2006

This looks really, really good.

Excellent job.

On 22-May-06, at 6:49 AM, François Proulx wrote:

> During the weekend Benoit and I have been working steadily to put  
> the latest SVN build of WifiDog in production on Ile Sans Fil's  
> server. I've been working day and night since saturday evening to  
> fix various issues, bugs and make improvements to the UI. It has  
> been extensively tested on Firefox 1.5, Safari 2.0.3 and IE 6.
> This mostly completes the major works at the core of the  
> templating / theming system. So now we have a fully working and  
> very cleverly designed system for managing the look of WifiDog.  
> Each group can create its own "Theme pack" and override some, or  
> all layout, styling simply by using CSS. The new refreshed, Web 2.0- 
> compliant look is now for everyone to see. All the code related to  
> the UI / look and feel is much more easily maintainable now. The  
> Content management system is now more powerful than ever before and  
> should suit needs for all groups using WifiDog, simply by playing  
> with their own network-specific CSS theme pack.
> You can have a look at the refined look (most of which is work from  
> Patrick Tanguay)
> Login page for Pizzédelic
> http://auth.ilesansfil.org/login/?gw_id=100
> Portal page for Laika
> http://auth.ilesansfil.org/portal/?gw_id=19
> Map of the Ile Sans Fil network
> http://map.ilesansfil.org/
> Ile Sans Fil ninjas (operation people), will love the improvements  
> made to the administration menus. Big thanks to Lokkju for his work  
> on the "search as you type" feature in the nodes administration  
> list panel.
> We hope to come up with the user profiles in the next few weeks, at  
> least the first part (avatars, basic user description fields....).
> See ya
> François Proulx
> www.edito.qc.ca

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