[isf-wifidog] Newbie Q

Ian White ian.white at datamile-computers.com
Lun 15 Mai 07:11:33 EDT 2006

Better to do the AP part first, and test it against the ilesansfil 
auth server.

I think most people are using wrt54g boxes flashed with openwrt and 
then wifidog as an AP.

The central auth server needs php5/postgresql. If you just have the 
auth server, then you might be able to do some basic testing by 
knowing the types of http that the wifidog client sends.


> Hello to the list,
> My name is Philippe and based in France. I'm a pure newbie in Wifidog
> thought I surfed all the WE on various communities using Wifidog.
> My project is to install and manage several AP's on yachting harbors
> allowing members (and maybe visitors) to access club's portal and
> furthermore Internet.
> Back to Wifidog, I have a couple of newbie questions and I 
understand it
> could appear a bit boring to answer so if you any good tutorial 
> or French) available on the Net, please let me know where to find 
> I find the Wifidog FAQ still need to be improved (this is not 
> Meanwhile, would it be possible to install the auth server w/o having
> AP's available? Just to check this first part out.
> Thanks you for your help
> Phi


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