[isf-wifidog] Bandwidth Management for Olsr network using wifidog

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Lun 15 Mai 07:34:47 EDT 2006


Can someone hint me on this.I want to cap users in the mesh to a flat
bandwidth.No need for individual user quotas etc.But just a plain  cap  of
56k to all users.
Does any one have a ready script for this purpose which you wont mind

Also as its in a olsr mesh network  would i need to have it on each node
with wifidog to which clients will connect or only the node with the
internet connection.

Also i have a one more problem I read the FAQ on how to block all tcp/udp
ports on br0. I have seperated the br0 interface to wan(vlan1) and wifi
(eth1) interfaces.

and in /etc/firewall.user of openwrt i have to have forwarding_rule for both
these to communicate as :

iptables -A forwarding_rule -i $WIFI -o $WAN -j ACCEPT

but when i remove this line in the main node connected to the internet i
keep getting splashed by the auth page (strangely my internet server is on
the internet and not local)

Has anyone tried these things in a olsr network with wifidog? would be great
if you could help me a bit in this.


I tried hashing this line but
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