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It's looking great ... and looking at those 2 other HTML files I can  
image what kind of direction ISF / WiFiDog is taking ;) ...

Am 27.03.2006 um 05:18 schrieb Michael Lenczner:

> And just to let people know that we've been working to improve one of
> the most important issues mentioned below - the UI of the loging
> process  - here's a splash page that Benjamin worked on with me.  I
> don't think the aesthetics are quite right, but the basic concept is
> there.
> http://isf.lostocean.net/login.html
> Thanks Ben!
> (in case anyone cares in the next version we'll probably have the
> "create account" be a lot more visible, and there would be a big
> "welcome to Linuxcaffee!" across the top of the page)
> On 3/26/06, Michael Lenczner <mlenczner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> here's some great feedback from a cafe in toronto.
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>> From: David J Patrick <davamundo at gmail.com>
>> Date: Mar 26, 2006 7:32 PM
>> Subject: [wirelesstoronto-discuss] linuxcaffe; doghouse
>> To: wirelesstoronto-discuss at wirelesstoronto.ca, Terrence Ezrol  
>> <terry at ezrol.com>
>> on Saturday night we let the dog out. It's alive ! We helped a few
>> guinea pigs sign up and observed some issues that negatively affect
>> usability. We made note of the issues, and left the dog running
>> overnight, for it's first day of real testing. Sunday morning, after
>> the fifth person was frustrated by the noted issues, we put the  
>> dog to
>> sleep.
>> so, in no particular order, these issues are;
>> Create New Account link, is not obviously a button that needs to be
>> pushed. This is an html/ presentation thing. New users think it's a
>> heading, and will just sit and scratch their heads.
>> log in error messages (eg; invalid characters) are output to a tiny
>> font on the bottom edge of the screen, therefore, not seen.
>> Invalid certificate confuses users and lowers their confidence in  
>> the process.
>> Hotmail puts the validation email into the Junk bin. Users can be
>> instructed to look in the Spam heap for the next vital step, but it's
>> not exactly ideal. gmail handles it fine.
>> There is no log-out option. While logging out may not be necessary,
>> once logged in, some users, when done, want to log out.
>> After log-in, the portal page displays a mysterious START button  
>> that,
>> once pushed
>> a)opens a new window and shrinks portal window.
>> b) disappears
>> or c) toggles through an even more mysterious "expand/collapse"
>> buttons, that do nothing.
>> In order for linuxcaffe to take part in the great WirelessToronto
>> adventure, the experience must offer a minimum of confusion. I don't
>> really mind if it's bone-ugly, but I can't have 10 customers per hour
>> needing guidance, especially from serving staff who don't have a  
>> clue,
>> or worse yet, being quietly frustrated and leaving to find another,
>> less annoying Access Point.
>> Rob graciously visited to do the final bit of VNC installation, and
>> has suggested that several of these things are easily surmountable.
>> I'm hoping that PD can help me smooth out the rest. Untill then it's
>> "wifidog-init stop"
>> thanks team,
>> djp
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