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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Dim 26 Mar 22:22:21 EST 2006

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Hi David,

> so, in no particular order, these issues are;
> Create New Account link, is not obviously a button that needs to be
> pushed. This is an html/ presentation thing. New users think it's a
> heading, and will just sit and scratch their heads.
> log in error messages (eg; invalid characters) are output to a tiny
> font on the bottom edge of the screen, therefore, not seen.
> Invalid certificate confuses users and lowers their confidence in  
> the process.
> Hotmail puts the validation email into the Junk bin. Users can be
> instructed to look in the Spam heap for the next vital step, but it's
> not exactly ideal. gmail handles it fine.
> There is no log-out option. While logging out may not be necessary,
> once logged in, some users, when done, want to log out.
> After log-in, the portal page displays a mysterious START button that,
> once pushed
> a)opens a new window and shrinks portal window.
> b) disappears
> or c) toggles through an even more mysterious "expand/collapse"
> buttons, that do nothing.

I suggest to visit http://auth.maxspot.de/login ... we noticed  
exactly the same confusions of users.

I think we managed to improve / remove the issues ...

Just register and see for yourself ...

If you need any help, tell me.

I'll also be in St. Louis this week so I'm sure we all (WiFiDog guys  
attenting to the summit) will have a lot of things to talk about /  

Cheers, Max!

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