[isf-wifidog] WiFiDog Hardware

Mina Naguib mina at naguib.ca
Jeu 6 Juil 15:46:35 EDT 2006

Hi Chris

At IleSansFil, our de-facto piece of hardware of choice is the  
Linksys router model WRT54G

The router (hardware revisions 1-4, and revision 5 with the L suffix)  
runs linux.  We re-flash the router with a minimal linux distribution  
named OpenWRT, and on top of it install the pre-compiled wifidog  
package for its' processor (MIPS).

I would imagine that this router model is available in the UK,  
however I'm not sure.

Aside from running linux and being one of the most-hacked consumer  
products ever made, it's price point is fairly low.

If that router is not available, keep in mind that the wifidog client  
was designed with embedded devices in mind and would run on any linux  
distribution as long as you can spare a few kilobytes of storage.

On 6-Jul-06, at 3:33 PM, Chris Rowson wrote:

> Hi folks,
> After experimenting with WiFiDog gateways installed on PCs running
> Debian in our library service, we have decided it would be nice to get
> rid of the PCs entirely and embed WiFiDog into a smaller device.
> Please could you tell me what kinds of hardware we can run WiFiDog on?
> Our datacomms division is keen that the hardware be reliable and
> available. What are our options? We are based in the UK, so this
> hardware needs to be available from a reasonably large supplier here
> if possible.
> Thanks in Advance

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