[isf-wifidog] Server install fails

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Mer 25 Jan 21:12:47 EST 2006

The "smarty" problem seems corrected in the code I downloaded on 1/25/06 at about 
9pm eastern time.

You guys are hard to keep up with (that a compliment). Thanks for all the work and help 
you wifidog guys provide.


On 24 Jan 2006 at 23:39, Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On January 24, 2006 06:27 pm, Ray Gwinn wrote:
> > I had to take some time off from wifidog.  But I started up again this
> > weekend.  I downloaded the current source on Saturday or Sunday.
> >
> > I am no longer using symlinks. The httpd.conf file points to real
> > directories.
> >
> > The script install.php runs to completion, and a message is displayed that I
> > will be rediredted in 3 seconds (I think).
> >
> > The redirection occurs, and then a message saying "smarty is not installed"
> > and I am sent back to the install.php.
> >
> > Since it has been a few weeks since I worked on the install, I decided to
> > re-install everything, including the OS (FC4).  After the total re-install,
> > the same problem occurred, ie "smarty is not installed".  BTW, smarty seems
> > to be installed in its default location.
> >
> > The only thing I changed in config.php is the default language to en.
> >
> > BTW, I had an old wifidog-auth from sourceforge installed and working.
> > However, since switching to the cvs (now svn) versions, I have never got
> > past the "smarty is not installed" error, even though install.php completes
> > without error.
> >
> > Can anyone suggest something that may get me beyond the "smarty is not
> > installed" problem.
> Dammit, apparently we missed one more custom path detection.  Try the latest
> SVN, I think it should solve your problem.  If not, it should at least spit
> out more meaningfull errors.
> 2006-01-24 Benoit Grégoire  <bock at step.polymtl.ca>
> * Dependencies.php:  We missed yet another instance of non-unifrom code for
> path detection.  
>  The Dependencies class now uses the code in include/path_defines_base.php
> like the rest of the system.  
>  Also make it return more usefull error messages.
> * SmartyWifidog.php:  Output the error returned by Dependencies if Smarty
> cannot be found for some reason.
> -- 
> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/

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