[isf-wifidog] CVS 05 Jan, 2005 server install fails

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mar 24 Jan 09:36:44 EST 2006

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CVS is out of date as we switched to SVN - please see www.wifidog.org  
for instructions ...

Cheers, Max!

Am 24.01.2006 um 08:07 schrieb Ray Gwinn:

> I had to take some time off from wifidog.  But I started up again
> this weekend.  I downloaded the current source on Saturday or
> Sunday.
> I am no longer using symlinks. The httpd.conf file points to real
> directories.
> The script install.php runs to completion, and a message is
> displayed that I will be rediredted in 3 seconds (I think).
> The redirection occurs, and then a message saying "smarty is not
> installed" and I am sent back to the install.php.
> Since it has been a few weeks since I worked on the install, I
> decided to re-install everything, including the OS (FC4).  After the
> total re-install, the same problem occurred, ie "smarty is not
> installed".  BTW, smarty seems to be installed in its default
> location.
> The only thing I changed in config.php is the default language to
> en.
> BTW, I had an old wifidog-auth from sourceforge installed and
> working.  However, since switching to the cvs (now svn) versions, I
> have never got past the "smarty is not installed" error, even though
> install.php completes without error.
> Can anyone suggest something that may get me beyond the "smarty is
> not installed" problem.
> Ray
> On 8 Jan 2006 at 21:50, Pascal Leclerc wrote:
>> I think I have the answer to your problem
>> I read the code to understand how SYSTEM_PATH is found and I think  
>> you
>> should change the value of DocumentRoot in your apache httpd.conf  
>> file.
>> If I'm right and the value of DocumentRoot is the symbolic link, you
>> should change it to the real value.
>> I'm using symbolic link like you for my apache server, but my  
>> DocumentRoot is
>> set to real PATH and not the symbolic link. If I change the value  
>> to the
>> symbolic link I have the same problem as you.
>> Waiting for your feedback
>>   Pascal
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