[isf-wifidog] CVS 05 Jan, 2005 server install fails

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Mar 24 Jan 02:07:53 EST 2006

I had to take some time off from wifidog.  But I started up again 
this weekend.  I downloaded the current source on Saturday or 

I am no longer using symlinks. The httpd.conf file points to real 

The script install.php runs to completion, and a message is 
displayed that I will be rediredted in 3 seconds (I think).

The redirection occurs, and then a message saying "smarty is not 
installed" and I am sent back to the install.php.

Since it has been a few weeks since I worked on the install, I 
decided to re-install everything, including the OS (FC4).  After the 
total re-install, the same problem occurred, ie "smarty is not 
installed".  BTW, smarty seems to be installed in its default 

The only thing I changed in config.php is the default language to 

BTW, I had an old wifidog-auth from sourceforge installed and 
working.  However, since switching to the cvs (now svn) versions, I 
have never got past the "smarty is not installed" error, even though 
install.php completes without error.

Can anyone suggest something that may get me beyond the "smarty is
not installed" problem.


On 8 Jan 2006 at 21:50, Pascal Leclerc wrote:

> I think I have the answer to your problem
> I read the code to understand how SYSTEM_PATH is found and I think you
> should change the value of DocumentRoot in your apache httpd.conf file.
> If I'm right and the value of DocumentRoot is the symbolic link, you
> should change it to the real value.
> I'm using symbolic link like you for my apache server, but my DocumentRoot is
> set to real PATH and not the symbolic link. If I change the value to the
> symbolic link I have the same problem as you.
> Waiting for your feedback
>   Pascal
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