[isf-wifidog] Wifidog Wiki

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Ven 6 Jan 10:59:40 EST 2006

We are Professional Wiki Tester, Do not try this at home !

I hope trac wiki is the last one to hold all wifidog related stuff.

When the content will be in the wiki, we will need to keep it clean if we
do not want the wiki to be a document dumping web site. I think we will
need to rename some documents (standard name) and maybe rewrite some
documents parts to have some guideline and have a great and usefull web


> Hi Pascal,
> Sorry just noticed that you moved the Installing Wifidog on a Debian PC
> tutorial I wrote to the wiki at wifidog.org.
> I panicked then, because I haven't documented how I did it anywhere
> else, and as I'm implimenting the system for a libraries network of free
> access, I thought it'd be a good idea to keep a record (and help out
> with your documentation!).... I thought it'd been deleted back there ;-)
> Chris

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