[isf-wifidog] CVS 05 Jan, 2005 server install fails

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Jeu 5 Jan 18:52:41 EST 2006

I downloaded the wifidog server CVS earlier today (05 Jan, 2006) and the installation 
script will not complete.  It stops/hangs when next is clicked on the "Administration 
account" page.

You should note that on my system (via links) the directory /var/www and the directory 
/mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www are the same directory.

In my php.ini file, I set "display_errors" to on.  The php errors displayed when next is 
clicked on the "Administration account" page are below.  Notice in the first shown path 
following "Fatal error:" it seems that /var/www/html/wifidog has been prepended to the 
actual path.


Notice: Undefined index: SYSTEM_PATH in /mine/dir-
wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/install.php on line 297
Administration account

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Unable to open directory
/var/www/html/wifidog/mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/classes/Content' in
/mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/classes/Content.php:181 Stack trace: #0
Content::getAvailableContentTypes() #1
Content::getAvailableContentTypes() #2
require_once('/mine/dir-wifi/...') #3
require_once('/mine/dir-wifi/...') #4
/mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/classes/User.php(45): require_once('/mine/dir-
wifi/...') #5
/mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/install.php(1226): require_once('/mine/dir-wifi/...') 
{main} thrown in /mine/dir-wifi/webstuff/www/html/wifidog/classes/Content.php on line 181

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