[isf-wifidog] Which Wiki?

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Mer 4 Jan 16:59:22 EST 2006

MoinMoin was setup by Mina in the beginning of ISF.
TikiWiki was the new choice of ISF for the new web site.
I started to use pmwiki to build a framework for wifidog web site and it
was my choice.

We can use Tikiwiki for the wifidog web site, but we want to separate
Wifidog from ISF. And Tikiwiki is in my opinion too big for our needs.

I love pmwiki because it's easy to use, well documented and because it's
PHP code.

For the final choice, I don't know what it will be. I'm waiting for feedback


> There seems to be alot of Wiki jumping,  The old Il Sans Fil wiki
> (MoinMoin), the New Il San Fil wiki (TikiWiki), and now the WifiDog Wiki
> (pmWiki).
> I am in the process of tring to pick a wiki for group, nwawireless.org,
> to use.  I'd like to inquire if the others didn't have the features you
> wanted and what features you are looking for?
> Do you plan to have all sites using the same wiki eventually?
> Sorry for all the questions, I am trying to plan our implementation and
> this info could really help.
> Thanks,
> Jay Smith

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