[isf-wifidog] Roadmap and Project Manager

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mar 3 Jan 14:57:32 EST 2006

> As was mentionned before (several times) the roadmap is obtained by  
> searching
> the bugs and RFEs by group:
> -For 1.0
> -Post 1.0
> -Long term
> This would be done automatically if we had a more decent developper  
> support
> platform.  Considering the fact that we are apparently going to go  
> trough a
> third wiki transition anyway, and that we are having problems with
> sourceforge's CVS, I think we should take this opportunity to move  
> to SVN and
> an integrated wiki and task manager like Trac.

excellent . I love SVN and Trac... but I'm a bit worried about the  
free exposure sf.net gives us... maybe we could just link to our new  
Definitely CVS has been a pain in the ass when I worked with merging  
conflicts last week. Trac would be excellent for keeping track of  
bugs --> features etc...

> -Use the IRC  channel (#ilesansfil on freenode, or we can create a  
> #wifidog
> one if it makes anyone feel better).  We used it exensively when we  
> coded the
> gateway, and it helped smooth out cummunication massively.  We are  
> the only
> OSS project of significance I ever heard of that actively resists  
> this idea.
> Hopefully I don't have to explain why this is almost essential.

i also think it's essential, it might just be that I don't use it too  
often, but I will force myself if other developpers commit to it.

> -It may be more on a psychological thing, but I think wifidog  
> should have it's
> own wiki.  People are just too shy to ask for permissions on the  
> ISF one.

Yes, so we'll use the ISF server but let's have our on platform.

> -We need a better and really simple task and milestone manager like  
> Trac (I
> don't really care which one we pick, but we should pick one).

Trac sounds good, anyone has another idea ?

> -Now that max has proposed coding standards, and no one opposed, we  
> shold
> respect it.

Sounds good.

> -We should make the mailing list archives searchable.

Google already fully indexes it.

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