[isf-wifidog] Customising portal

Maya Wiseman maya at scriptshifter.com
Dim 2 Avr 05:33:47 EDT 2006

Two thoughts (1 cent each):

1. Privacy: At least in the commercial sector, if a user has to reveal 
their location to the world (i.e. can't remain 'invisible') in order to 
use a service, not so viable.

2. Social software: characterised by user's ability to give 'meaningful' 
imputs to the system. If soc. soft. is still part of the mandate then 
it's important, in principle, to allow applications that rely on 
identifying users to plug in.

> because user profiles (namely whether someone wants to notify everyone
> that they're logged in or not) hasn't been implemented.  It woudln't be
> hard to implement this.  However, I would like to see it implemented
> like NodeLists, except have it be a UserList class.
> Any Thoughts?

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