[isf-wifidog] Some even newer features

Mina Naguib mina at naguib.ca
Dim 25 Sep 11:32:02 EDT 2005

Just to let everyone know that I've merged the "wdctlrestart" branch  
(a.k.a. "Look Ma! No Downtime!") into the main trunk.  Here's the  
appropriate ChangeLog entry:

2005-09-24 Mina Naguib <mina at ilesansfil.org>
* New wdctl command "restart" which will get wifidog to restart  
itself while preserving the existing clientlist.  Perfect for 0- 
downtime upgrading!
* safe.c: New safe_fork that croaks if the fork fails, also takes  
care of closing some global file descriptors for the child
* debug.c: Now also logs the PID as part of every entry
* gateway.c: Handler for SIGCHLD now waitpid()s with WNOHANG flag to  
prevent deadlock when the handler is called and another wait() or  
waitpid() is used
* util.c: execute() now uses waitpid() instead of wait() to reap only  
the child it fork/executed
* Extra debugging entries throughout code

As always, bug reports/fixes/suggestions/beatings gladly accepted.

On 24-Sep-05, at 2:03 AM, Philippe April wrote:

> Hi,
> I just committed some new/old features to CVS, we'll test more and  
> deploy them in the next version of WiFiDog (I hope!).
> *1. I added {Saul Albert,Jo Walsh,Schuyler}'s patch to send MAC  
> address as the node_id.
> Mina: I saw your comment regarding "if we want it to be the new  
> default or not", I personally think so. Some folks use the  
> 'default' node for a long while and it ruins some of our stats on  
> the prod server :)
> Not just that, I think a lot of people would actually pick to use  
> the MAC address as the node ID instead of creating IDs (which are  
> random) anyway.
> Everybody: let's see what you guys have to say. I personally don't  
> mind either ways, but the default is now the mac address (if  
> nothing's specified in the config) and the config's node_id has  
> been commented. We can revert anytime, we'd just need to add a new  
> flag in the config, something like "UseMACAsNodeID".
> *2. I added new code and rules to allow people to specify trusted  
> MAC addresses.
> It's an old request, which is handy. Of course it could be done by  
> the authentication server. I think it's nice to be able to do it on  
> the WiFidog gateway since some people would actually run it with a  
> light auth server (or none!).
> *3. Some new features are coming, including Mina's cool:
>     1. Update
>     2. Restart
>     3. "Look Ma! No downtime!"
>     ... modifications.
> See changelog below.. Have a good night!
> ChangeLog:
> 2005-09-24 Philippe April <philippe at ilesansfil.org>
>     * (finally) Added {Saul Albert,Jo Walsh,Schuyler}'s patch  
> (thank you!) to send
>     the GW interface's mac address as the node_id if no node_id is  
> specified. It allows
>     the use of generic configuration files without the need to  
> hardcode the
>     node_id in.
>     * Added TrustedMACList configuration variable which allows  
> specifying
>     MAC addresses which are allowed to go through without  
> authentication.
>     * Updated OpenWrt instructions.
> Philippe April
> GnuPG http://key.philippeapril.com

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