[isf-wifidog] UI + usecase suggestions for Wifidog portal pages

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Jeu 20 Oct 01:32:24 EDT 2005

Hey auth guys (benoit, francois, philippe).

I wanted to put down what I wanted for UI (for the typical users) in
the short to medium term.  I know that this isn't perfect, but it
would be a good start.

1) Same bar that we currently have on the left side.

2) I want things to look fairly blog-ish.  That means showing 10
"items" or so. Each item would show up in full (not just a one-line
headline). Users would have to scroll to reach the bottom of the page.

3) The page would have tabs - selectable from the top of the page. 
The different tabs would be General, QuARTier sounds, quARTier
writing, quARTier photos, quARTier video, Events, and News.
I am working on finding one system-wide curator for each of these. 
Ideally curatorship will devolve down the system till we have one
curator for each of those at each hotspot.

4) the default tab (general) would have the last 5-20 items posted
across the different categories.  each tab would have 1-5 of the last
items posted.

5)each tab would have it's own rss feed.

6)each portal page would have an address http://laika.ilesansfil.org,
(we decided against that early on for 2 reasons.  1 - because we
wanted to keep some content only available for people at the hotspot
and 2 - what would we do about 2 cafes with the same name.  I don't
think either reason is a deal buster at this point.)

7)There would be a web page somewhere that grouped together *all* new
content from the ISF system.  a system-wide tab for quARTier photos,
another for audio, etc.  Each of these would also have an rss feed.

I don't know how hard any of this stuff is going to be, but I wanted
to give my wishlist.


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