[isf-wifidog] Fatal error with Debian Sarge

kaouete kaouete at crazydwarves.org
Dim 6 Nov 15:28:02 EST 2005

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 08:41:28PM +0100, Max Horváth wrote:
> Hi Dana,
> >i know it doesnt answer the question but why are you not using the
> >http://packages.dotdeb.org version (5.0.5-1.dotdeb.1 at this time) of
> >php5 that have been compiled for sarge.
> >(anyway from where your 5.0.4 version is coming ?)
> >
> >They are very good i think and they work well.
> I wouldn't use those. I.e. by adding the list to sources.list you'll  
> get problems with mysql, in case you installed it.
> Furthermore the php5 package doesn't provide all php features you  
> could need.

i think you are mistaken, if you configure well your apt
preferences file, it will go smoothly without problem, for example
here, the official repositary has a priority higher than the
dotdeb one, and because php5 is not available in sarge, there will
be no problem.

Here the php5 package had all the features i needed.

> >for your problem, i dont really know, are you maybe using
> >.htaccess or thing that use special module (like rewrite) on the
> >dir where is wifidog ?
> Rewrite doesn't cause any problems here (running Debian Srage stable  
> with Apache 2 package and self- compiled PHP5).

A bad rewrite rules can make problem, but i admit that the error
in the error.log will be different than this one.

> >>       a Debian Sarge (+ PHP 5.0.4 and Postgres 8.0.4 from  
> >>experimental).
> >>       We are having issues with WifiDog in that it crashes PHP  
> >>whenever a
> >>       page is viewed. We've never had a proper page display through
> >>       WifiDog, but can see a page with phpinfo() displaying, so  
> >>PHP seems
> >>       to work fine.
> Why are you using a package from experimental? I'd suggest to switch  
> back to stable ASAP.

I think the same.

> PostgreSQL 7, which is provided by stable is all you need to run  
> WiFiDog.
> >>       The error we get in the apache error.log: [notice] child  
> >>pid 12885
> >>       exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
> Well, I had a similiar error when enabling eAccelerator (a cache and  
> optimizer for PHP).
> But I checked your phpinfo() ... you didn't install it - so no  
> problem here.
> >>       Does anyone have ideas as to what might be happening, or  
> >>suggestions
> >>       as to what to look into to find out what's wrong?
> Well, as I said, I'd suggest to switch back to stable ... install the  
> Apache 2 package and compile PHP5.

like i said before compile php5 will just add more problem to
maintain your box in my opinion :]

> If you want, I can send you our documentation for this.
> Or I could send you the configure paramters for the PHP5 compilation  
> at least.
> Cheers, Max!

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