[isf-wifidog] WifiDog design meeting

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux saruman at northernhacking.org
Mar 14 Juin 18:26:33 EDT 2005


	The wifidog design meeting at my place is tonight around 7 (but
I'm home already so no need to wait...)

	Address:	334 Terrasse St Denis, Apt. #606
	Buzzer:		Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux (1183)

	Directions:	From the corner of Sherbrooke and St-Denis, take
			St-Denis toward Ontario. On the right side of the
			street, about 50-100 feet from the corner, there's
			a little cul-de-sac, it's my street, I live at the
			end of it.

			In the building, follow the directions for the
			6th floor and once on the hallway keep going
			straight until you ram into my door.


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